American Flag - Nylon
American Flag - Nylon American Flag - Nylon
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-200 Denier Nylon
-Heavy Duty No. 2 solid brass grommets
-Sewn with a lock stitch of heavy duty thread
-Fly ends are multiple stitched at the hem
-Reinforced at both top and bottom
-Embroidered full white stars with no gaps
-Heavy Duty galvanized thimbles on flags 8'x12' and larger.
-Appliqued Stars on flags 10'x15' and larger.
-Extra rip stop stitching on flags 10'x15' and larger.

Nylon material is going to shed water extremely well. It also has a bright lustrous appearance so the flag will look great flying from any flagpole.  The nylon material also flies the best of any material in a light breeze.  We make all of our Nylon outdoor flags with reinforced lock stitching in the seams and fly end so be sure that your flag is made and finished with the best possible materials and stitching.